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The Preacher's Steward is appointed by the Pastor, confirmed by the Quarterly Conference. The Preacher's Steward is Chairperson of the Steward Board.

The duties are as listed:
* The Preacher's Steward is to make sure that the responsibilities of the Steward Board is carried out by all Stewards.
* To see that all necessary provisions are made for the temporal relief & comfort of the Pastor in Charge.
* To be responsible for making such appeals to the congregation as necessary for the financial support of the church and Pastor.
* To meet the Board of Stewardess and advise them as to the Pastor's and family comfort and needs temporarily.
* To provide the elements of the Lord's Supper.


The duties of the Stewards are as follows:

* To make provisions for the moving expenses of the Pastor and provide a parsonage for the Pastor and family.
* To make sure the needs of the Pastor and his/her family are met.
* To seek and relieve the needy and distressed members.
* To be stimulants for the spiritual life of the church by being present at all services, willing to lead devotion and assist with worship when needed.
* They are expected to support and promote all projects, programs and financial obligations of the church.
* The Stewards are to receive monies collected.
* They are to have at least two representatives to assist in counting monies received each Sunday or any special service.
* Stewards should be present at all board meetings called by the Chairperson or Pastor.
* Stewards should attend weekly Bible Study and/or Sunday School.
* Stewards are to lead the way in keeping harmony and peace.


The Trustee is a man/woman over 21 years of age and in good standing in his/her local church. Trustees, except for the Pastor, shall be elected annually by the Members of the Church, upon the nomination of the Pastor in charge. At their first meeting of the new conference year, the Trustees are to elect a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The Chairperson is to call all meetings to order and preside over said and to direct the affairs of the Board. Further, he/she is to work in concert with other officers of the Church and Pastor for the good of the church. The duties of the Trustees are as follows:

* To take care of the physical property of the Church.
* To see that such property is clean at all times, properly heated and properly ventilated.
* To receive and disburse according to the budget for the church, monies turned into their hands.
* Trustees should be present at all board meetings called by the Chairman or the Pastor.
* Trustees should attend weekly Bible Study and/or Sunday School.
* Trustees are to lead the way in keeping harmony and peace.


All Class Leaders are sub-pastors who are urged to be concerned with the welfare of their members.

* The Class Leaders are to advise the Pastor of any sickness, death or distress of any member of his/her class.
* Class Leaders are requested to hold Class Meetings at least twice in a quarter for the purpose of instruction and group support.
* All Class Leaders are required to attend weekly Bible Study and/or Sunday School, as well as encourage their class members to do the same.
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